Dream Home
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colourscale (via My Paradissi)
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simply furnished home on the Brazilian coast (via Elle Decoration UK)
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rustic bathroom (via  Elle Decoration UK)
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Bedrooms from Roche Bobois
Some high end bedroom sets by French furniture company Roche Bobois. With a strong penchant for the platform bed, most of the creations are rather modern, but there are designs to suit everything from a contemporary utilitarian space, to a more traditionally ornate chateau ambiance. The collection covers the spectrum with a selection of materials, predominantly woods with some softer upholstered finishes thrown in. The gloss furniture finish reflects more light, ideal for smaller spaces, and for when we own a less fish bowl-like bedchamber than those depicted! The matching bedsides and dressers create a cohesive look, and allow you to add the color and pattern to your space in your own way via wall treatments, accessories and accent furnishings.
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